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LOUD Gemballa Mirage GT Says ‘Hi’ to Beverly Hills

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This video features one of the craziest cars I have EVER seen, the Gemballa Mirage GT. The Gemballa Mirage GT (car 23 of 25) is German tuning house Gemballa’s Porsche Carrera GT conversion, which sports a new bodykit, new wing, new wheels, brakes, LOUD quad-pipe exhaust, and most importantly an engine tune that takes the car up from 612HP to 670HP. Another interesting modification done to this car are upgraded, hydraulically raising coilovers on both the front and rear wheels (similar to the setup of the P1). This car features the license plate “NINE80”, which is the original project code of the Carrera GT. That’s all I have, ENJOY!

Location: Beverly Hills, CA

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