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Gumball 3000 Road Movie 2014 presented by Betsafe

The Official Gumball 3000 Road Movie takes viewers to the heart of the action across two continents in the exciting 2014 edition of the rally starting from Miami and ending at Ibiza.

Prestigious cars, scenic views and unforgettable parties. The Gumball 3000 Road Movie 2014 follows the Gumball 3000 experience of Team Betsafe drivers Xzibit, Jon Olsson, Jens Byggmark and also includes feature appearances by deadmau5, Bun B, Mr. Gumball himself Maximillion Cooper and the rest of the Gumball family, including Tony Hawk, David Hasselhoff, Eve, Warner Nickerson and Tory Belleci from MythBusters.


More on World of Betsafe: http://www.worldofbetsafe.com/gumball/gumball-3000-road-movie-2014-presented-by-betsafe/


Music used in the video licensed by http://www.audionetwork.com , track listing:

To The Sunrise
Pete Masitti (ASCAP) / John Andrew Barrow (ASCAP)

Where U At
Bob Bradley (PRS) / Richard Moore (PRS)

Gareth Johnson (PRS)

Adam Drake (PRS) / Tom Jenkins (PRS)

Harmonic Nature
Barrie Gledden (PRS) / Tim Reilly (PRS) /Jeff Dale (PRS)

Fuel Your Mind
Alex Arcoleo (PRS)

Dangerous Game
Dave James (PRS)

Turn The Beat Up
William Davies (PRS)

Mind Made Up
William Davies (PRS)

This Is How I Roll
Paul Clarvis (PRS) / Marc Jackson Burrows (PRS) / Lee Dagger (PRS)

William Davies (PRS) / Edward Nutbrown (PRS) / Charles Nutbrown (PRS) / Tajh Abdulsamad (BMI)

Come On
Jason Pedder (PRS) / Ashley Barnes (PRS) /Kes Loy (PRS)

Richard Lacy (PRS) / Sarah Elizabeth Lacy (PRS)

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