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770HP Supercharged Mercedes Weistec C63 AMG Estate – BURNOUT!

This is EPIC! I have filmed a 770+HP Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Estate fitted with a Weistec Supercharger Stage 3. In this video you can see some amazing burnouts on the road. No more words needs to describe this video…just watch it!

Modifications on this Mercedes Weistec C63 AMG Estate:
-Brabus Wheels
-Stage 3 3.0 L Twin Screw Compressor
-12 PSI Pulley
-8 Rib Belt Drive
-Weistec Air Filters
-Weistec Oil / Air Seperator
-Weistec Trunk Ice Tank
-Weistec Bullet Proof Transmission
-High Flow Exhaust
-M156 Spark Plugs
-Remove Secondary Air Injection
-ROW Air Box Set

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